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Testing Solutions – nomad

All-in-One, ultra-portable, fast, easy-to-store and simple-to-use microbial testing devices for liquids and surfaces, offering lab-quality test results and available in IoT configurations for paperless microbial monitoring.

Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions

Smart, secure, integrated Mobile and Online microbial monitoring apps, offering a range of intuitive and useful features, including automated data management, AI-powered Colony Counting, trend analysis, plant mapping and more.

nomad Quick-start Microbiology Services

Personalized, one-on-one support from our microbial monitoring specialists to help you design, implement, and calibrate a monitoring plan specific to your application and process, so you can rest assured that your company’s risk management has been optimized.

Testing Solutions – nomad

Standalone bacterial test kits for liquid and surfaces

nomad Dip Testers are all-in-one field test kits based on the Membrane Filtration (MF) technique, a laboratory reference technique, and are available in configurations for testing liquids and for surfaces (swab). Our test kits are easily stored, fit in your pocket, and require less than two minutes to take a sample, making it simple to test and forget wherever and whenever you need.

Tests KITS for liquids

tests KITS for surfaces



If you already have test devices, a smart solution for risk management can help you transform data into insight. Whether you need an occasional check on a single piece of equipment or a full-blown monitoring program for your plant, our nomad Risk Management plans are here to help you collect, store, and understand test results across our platform of integrated Mobile and Online Microbiology apps. From our free Welcome plan to help you get started, to our Advanced Plan to help you track results over time and locate them in space using plant mapping features, our solutions are designed to make microbial risk management as intuitive as it is powerful.

nomad Smart Microbiology App

Today’s industry requires smart solutions. The nomad Smart Microbiology App is a secure, cloud-based, and intuitive answer to microbial monitoring that gives you powerful, paperless capabilities for preventing contaminations.

Available features include automated data management, AI-powered colony counting, automatic trend analysis, custom baselines, and plant mapping.

Find and download the nomad Smart Microbiology App on all major stores!

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nomad QUICK-START Microbiology services bundle together everything you need to get your microbial monitoring plan up and running: ultra-portable and reliable testing devices, with access to our Smart Mobile and Online apps for paperless data tracking and advanced analysis and mapping features.