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Smart microbiology solutions for industry

Why BioMire?

We created BioMire to develop a new way to solve a persistent and costly problem for industry. The problem is microbial contamination and its impact on manufacturers’ productivity and reputation, which is partly rooted in the difficulty of accessing the relevant information and knowledge needed to prevent these contaminations.

Despite decades of increased spending, guidelines and performance of analytical techniques, contamination still occurs at an unacceptable rate, even in the most reputable companies.

We believe:

  1. As bacteria have existed for 4 billion years and have colonised even the most inhospitable environments, they will continue to adapt and thrive wherever possible;
  2. Testing for their presence too often represents a cost to be managed, whereas if the results of these tests are organised and used to understand what is going on, this cost becomes an investment in the future to better protect the products and the reputation of those who make them.
  3. For most companies, the complexity and complications associated with a contamination monitoring plan are a difficult barrier to accessing the knowledge they need;
  4. Digital technologies exist to better share information, emulate expertise and ultimately change the game.

We have combined established techniques with advanced technologies, respect for confidentiality with knowledge exchange, to help industry better understand, decide and have confidence in their practices.

BioMire was founded to provide an accessible, cost-effective and relevant solution to microbial contamination and its impacts.

All activities take place in a dynamic microbial ecosystem.
Our mission is to help you explore the invisible microbiological universe around you,
help you understand what you find, and decide how to react.

Made in Alsace

BioMire’s headquarters are located in Alsace, France, in the heart of a tri-national French-German-Swiss region renowned for its technological innovation and high quality production. A nod to history: our offices are located across the street from where Louis Pasteur taught from 1849 to 1854, in Strasbourg, the European capital and home of four Nobel prizes and a Fields Medal.

We have chosen this international and forward-thinking environment to host our international team.  Our nomad microbial test kits are also manufactured locally in Alsace.

Our experience helps you thrive

Applied microbiology, at the intersection of process engineering, life sciences and quality assurance, can be a headache for some.

We have assembled a team of experts with decades of experience in innovation, development and production to build an intelligent and practical solution for microbial risk management.

As a result, our nomad microbial risk management system is designed to be intuitive and comprehensive from end-to-end, from sampling to trend analysis. We help you harness the power of mobile technology and AI to create easy-to-use and effective solutions. Together, we make microbial monitoring an effortless part of your daily activities.

Our mission is to make microbial monitoring a painless and beneficial part of your business.

Decades of experience


Global Sales & Distribution
Industrialisation, Manufacturing & QA
Network Architect
Applied Microbiology & Marketing


Biotech Veteran
Prof. Pierre
Industrial Biotechnology
Marian, Ass. Prof.
Computer Sciences – A.I.

Our Partners and Supporters

We believe in partnering with our clients in part because we have been able to bring our work to you thanks to partners and supporters who have helped make BioMire and nomad Smart Microbial Solutions possible.

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This project was financed with the help of the government as part of the Future Investments Program.

BPIFrance has become the one-stop for entrepreneurs in France, offering a wide range of financial solutions for small and large businesses in a comprehensive toolbox offered in the field to customers through 50 local branches.

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With financial support from the Grand Est Region.

The French region of Grand Est, encompassing the former administrative regions of Alsace, Champagne-Ardenne, and Lorraine, shares borders with Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Switzerland.

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Laureat of the Réseau Entreprendre Alsace.

Réseau Entreprendre® is a network of associations of business leaders specializing in entrepreneurial support, with a primary mission to create jobs by developing a societal approach to doing business. The goal is to support creators, buyers and developers of companies with human and financial support.

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The SNBI, a French national organization, is the only professional institution representing independent craft breweries. Its main actions are to gather, guide and support the 1800 breweries in France that it represents.

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CHROMagar™ provides innovative chromogenic culture media solutions, designed to improve and simplify traditional culture techniques. It supplies the widest range of chromogenic culture media available, highly improving and simplifying traditional culture techniques.

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The Laboratoire d’InfoRmatique en Image et Systèmes d’information (LIRIS) is a joint research unit (UMR 5205) of the CNRS, INSA Lyon, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, Université Lumière Lyon 2 and Ecole Centrale de Lyon. It has 330 members. LIRIS’ research concerns a wide spectrum of computer science within its twelve research teams structured into six areas of expertise.

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The HYDREOS cluster works on the development of the water sector in the NorthEast of France, with the objective of gathering and developing a community and innovative solutions for water networks, intelligent infrastructure management and biodiversity.

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France Water Team forms an innovation ecosystem of nearly 470 members in permanent interaction, including nearly 370 companies and 40 academic institutions, working to better support the innovation and growth objectives of water players in France, Europe and internationally.