Microbial Testing

Portable, adaptable, intuitive microbial testing devices

Test anytime, anywhere

Data is valuable for making informed decisions. In industrial environments, the ability to test anywhere, anytime without disrupting ongoing tasks means you can capture valuable information at the most relevant moment.

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are field versions of a laboratory test, designed for maximum ease of use without compromising data quality. They fit in your pocket, take only two minutes to sample and test on-site or off-site, and give quantitative results with a lower detection limit than most rapid methods.

Best of all, our IoT versions work seamlessly with our mobile app to record all the important information about your production environment, test parameters and comments – pen-free!

What are These test kits and how do they work?

nomad On-Site Microbial Kits are simple and intuitive to use, which allows the best results to be obtained.

Sample and test with ease


nomad kits include a collection chamber, a filter to capture micro-organisms and a culture medium, everything you need to test your sample in a single device, so you are self-sufficient in any situation.


Anyone in your organisation can perform reliable and accurate sampling and testing with very little training, thanks to the unique design of the kits and their user-friendly operation in just a few simple steps.

Lab-free and paper-free

In their IoT version, and used with mobile and web apps, the kits integrate into a digital system that automatically tracks and analyses results.

nomad test types and range

The test devices are suitable for a wide variety of situations, sample types and applications. You can choose the type of kit you need, colour coded red, blue or yellow, and one of our available formats for liquids for surfaces.

nomad Test Kits are available in the following formats: 

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Liquid Testers

Test kits for liquid samples include a plastic outer chamber to collect liquid samples, a plastic dip test handle (paddle) with a gridded retentive filter and an absorbent pad containing a dehydrated nutrient medium to allow the micro-organisms to grow.

Swab Testers (Surface)

The surface kits include both a liquid test kit and a swab kit consisting of a polyester swab attached to a plastic handle and an outer chamber identical to that of the liquid testers, containing 18 ml of pre-measured sterile buffer solution.

Standard or IoT formats

These kits are available in standard or IoT versions, pre-printed with a QRCode uniquely identifying each device and designed for use with the nomad mobile app, so you can forget about tedious paper notes

Which kits are right for you?

Application Testers for all sorts of liquids Water, juices, pastes, emulsions, hard-to-filter, suspensions… Swab kits for all sorts of surfaces Flat, hard-to-reach, rough, humid, curved surfaces and objects
Color Code Red Yellow Blue Red Yellow Blue
Waters quality monitoring
Drinking water quality
Distribution systems, fountains, water as raw material, for cleaning, …
Treated, pure & ultrapure waters
Desalted sea water, Grade I, II and III, for processing, labware washing, analytical purposes, reagents,..
Untreated waters
Drilling, sea water, river, waste, industrial, …
Process Monitoring
Unit operations
Bioburden pre & post pasteurization, WIP material, operational qualification, maintenance, …
Fruit juices
Juices, containers, closures, equipment, …
Environmental monitoring
Hygiene monitoring
Equipment CIP rinse water, surfaces of conveyors, blenders, connectors, filling heads, drip shields, tanks, maintenance tools,…
Plant mapping
Walls, ventilation grids, shelves, handling equipment, control panels, floors, phones,…
Materials & products monitoring
Stoppers, caps, bottles, …
Non-sterile products
Ground suspensions of foodstuff and other soft matrixes, paints, cooling fluids, …
Targets Total count of yeast, mold and bacteria (see below) Yeast and mold (see below) Coliform bacteria (see below)

Kit types according to microorganisms being tested

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Red HPC Testers

The nomad red HPC testers contain an m-HPC medium for the enumeration of heterotrophic microorganisms (bacteria, yeasts and moulds) growing in the presence of oxygen, whether healthy or stressed (e.g. by exposure to biocides, heat or starvation).

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Yellow Yeast and Mould Testers

The nomad yellow yeast and mould testers contain an m-Green medium for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds.

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Blue Coliform Testers

Our blue nomad coliform testers contain a proprietary medium for the recovery of coliform organisms after incubation at 35°C/95°F (this incubation temperature prevents the growth of too large a number of non-coliforms).

Use Cases

A selection of use cases to give you a clearer idea of how our solutions can work for you.

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation

A company whose reputation relies on better than perfect hygiene SaniSped is a company specializing in transporting blood, organs, vaccines, and other medical apparatus, i.e. sterile products.  The products transported by SaniSped absolutely must be sterile at the time of administration. The sterility of a product in its primary packaging…
Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public - Beer taps - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public – Beer taps

When a brewer’s reputation also depends on a bar’s cleanliness Best Draft (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) beers are served in a wide number of taprooms, pubs, restaurants, hotel bars. As a brewer who has built a reputation for great tasting beer, Best Draft goes to great…
Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids) - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids)

A major European paint producer with a reputation to protect Paintex (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) manufactures paints for a variety of dealers throughout Europe. While it may surprise the layperson, microorganisms can grow and multiply in paint, degrading its quality. The literature suggests that major groups…
Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery

Dealing with contamination doubts before taking on new customers Mike O’Brew (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) is a successful microbrewery where all employees know how essential hygiene is to beer quality and spend a large proportion of their time cleaning and looking out for anything suspicious.  Batches…
Homepage - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Troubleshooting a Water Purification and Distribution System

A complex water purification system set to spec for custom products In this case, we are looking at an incident at ProTek (name changed for the confidentiality of the business), a Biotech CRO company which produces a diverse range of small production batches set to customer specifications. To fulfill orders,…

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits compared to alternatives

Compared to external labs

  • No time lost on sample transport
  • Lower cost per test
  • Comparable results
  • Knowledge developed within your organization

Compared to ATP Testing

  • More adaptable to different types of sample points
  • Richer data and analyses
  • Identification of microorganisms possible
  • Similarly rapid results

Compared to an internal lab

  • Easier to manage for off-site and multi-site sampling
  • Requires no investment in additional equipment or extra staff
  • Comparable results
  • Similar cost per test