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We are not afraid of our clients’ challenges. We join forces, providing tools, methods and information, solving your problems as if they were our own.

Whether it’s lack of time, equipment or experience, the first step in most monitoring plans – defining them to get the answers you want – can be a daunting one. In the meantime, vulnerabilities may remain, as well as lingering doubts.

To simplify and accelerate the process, we help you design, implement and optimise a monitoring plan specific to your situation. Microbiology services are developed for process control, production environment and hygiene applications. They combine testing, data management, methodology and support to get your monitoring plan off to a good start.

Knowledge is a process of piling up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification

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Work directly with one of our experts

We offer our experience and expertise in one-to-one meetings throughout the implementation process, so that you can be confident that your microbial risk management system is effective.

360° microbial risk assessment

We help you fully assess the risks facing your operation and identify the process and environmental control points that require attention.

A step-by-step process

Implementing effective microbial monitoring is a step-by-step process. With our Quick-Start Service Packs, we walk you through the process, from signing a confidentiality agreement where appropriate, to assessing your microbial risk management system to determine if it is providing the data you need. But before we start taking samples, we conduct a methodical risk assessment together, looking at your site, processes and procedures to identify the critical points to monitor.

Once this assessment is complete, we help you put in place a sampling programme, with sampling protocols and schedules. And once your programme is in place, we meet with you to help you improve your plan, refining it to make it as effective as possible.

Throughout the process, our experts work with you to make sure you’re taking the right steps.

Quick-Start service pack

7 steps to effective microbial risk management

Non-Disclosure Agreement (Optional)
Your concerns & Objectives
Risk Assessment
Sampling Programme Design
Sampling Programme Launch
Three Months of Implementation
Debriefing & Plan Optimization

The first step in a monitoring or experimental plan to get the answers you want about your process, hygiene procedures or production environment can be difficult, either because of lack of time or practice.

And yet, a data history speaks to everyone and monitoring plans are subject to regular review.

Quick-start service packs are designed to help minimise your efforts to get ⓵ a relevant and up-to-date sampling plan, ⓶ contamination measurements ⓷ data processing and decision making so you can quickly take control of your operations.

These services are not an audit, but an opportunity to share peer-to-peer experience. They are based on the application of good practices and methodology to provide relevant information in order to remove a doubt, challenge an assumption or develop a documented monitoring plan.

We will meet via videoconference to understand your concerns and objectives, systematically examining the risks associated with each of the 5 inputs (water, raw materials, personnel, air and rodents), along with the steps in your production process, the flow of people and materials, looking for potential vulnerabilities.

After this risk assessment stage, we will propose a list of points with a frequency of sampling to be carried out over a 3-month period. Once this sampling programme has been agreed, the analysis period can begin.

We provide the test kits, applications and support for this period.

After the analysis, we meet again to share experiences and comments, discuss baselines, alert levels and other insights that are relevant for a long-term plan.

Which nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Service is right for you?



  • To remove a doubt or verify a hypothesis about a non-conformity, carry out reinforced testing around a specific event (process change, heavy maintenance, etc.)
  • For up to 50 samples
  • With limited resources, time or expertise
  • With no investment or commitment to future purchases



  • To design, plan, implement and analyse a customised monitoring programme.
  • Any number of sampling points required, although initially unknown
  • With limited resources, time or expertise
  • With no investment or commitment to future purchases

What’s included in our starter packs?

nomad Smart Quick-Start SERVICES
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Control plan
  • Planning
  • Set-up and start-up assistance
  • Plan analysis and improvement
nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions



REPORTING Functions:

  • Automated processing of each result including colony count

ANALYSIS Functions:

  • Trend monitoring
  • Alert & action levels



REPORTING functions:

  • Automated processing of each result including colony count

ANALYSIS functions:

  • Trend monitoring
  • Alert & action levels

PLANT MAPPING functions:

  • Microbial mapping of the site
nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits

2 x 25 kits

10 x 25 kits

The number of boxes you need


€ 350

€ 800

15 %

* compared to purchasing the components separately

nomad Quick-Start Services compared to alternatives

Compared to an external lab + consulting

  • One complete, stand-alone system
  • Time and cost savings
  • Integration of activities, centralisation of information

Compared to external consulting + testing

  • Faster results than external auditing
  • Reduced cost per test
  • Easy implementation of consistent monitoring over time

Compared to doing everything yourself

  • Time and resource savings
  • Access to microbiology expertise
  • Completely confidential external viewpoint

Use cases

A selection of use cases to give you a clearer idea of how our solutions can work for you.

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation

A company whose reputation relies on better than perfect hygiene SaniSped is a company specializing in transporting blood, organs, vaccines, and other medical apparatus, i.e. sterile products.  The products transported by SaniSped absolutely must be sterile at the time of administration. The sterility of a product in its primary packaging…
Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public - Beer taps - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public – Beer taps

When a brewer’s reputation also depends on a bar’s cleanliness Best Draft (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) beers are served in a wide number of taprooms, pubs, restaurants, hotel bars. As a brewer who has built a reputation for great tasting beer, Best Draft goes to great…
Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids) - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids)

A major European paint producer with a reputation to protect Paintex (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) manufactures paints for a variety of dealers throughout Europe. While it may surprise the layperson, microorganisms can grow and multiply in paint, degrading its quality. The literature suggests that major groups…
Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery

Dealing with contamination doubts before taking on new customers Mike O’Brew (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) is a successful microbrewery where all employees know how essential hygiene is to beer quality and spend a large proportion of their time cleaning and looking out for anything suspicious.  Batches…
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Troubleshooting a Water Purification and Distribution System

A complex water purification system set to spec for custom products In this case, we are looking at an incident at ProTek (name changed for the confidentiality of the business), a Biotech CRO company which produces a diverse range of small production batches set to customer specifications. To fulfill orders,…