Data Management Solutions

Intuitive microbial monitoring meets smart mobile technology

Never lose information again

Test results seem like a cost until they provide knowledge. To do this, you need to collect a range of information, including sampling and testing protocols, time and place of sampling, production context, comments, etc., while minimising errors. Any missed information can be lost forever, leaving painful doubts.

We built nomad Smart Solutions on an integrated platform to address these issues. They automatically capture, secure and enrich all the information you need without a pen, according to industry best practices, to free up your hands, your mind and your schedule.

Whether you are collecting samples on site using our mobile app or validating analytical reports from your office, our platform provides confidence in the data you use to establish baselines, calculate alert levels and monitor trends.

A Comprehensive microbial risk management system

Choose one of the three subscription plans, to start immediately with zero additional investment.



  • To try the nomad Smart Solution before you decide
  • To start a short test campaign ASAP
  • Zero investment or commitment to future purchases



  • To build a data history to establish a baseline, calculate alert levels and monitor trends, and put Plant Mapping in place.
  • A secure, pen-free system that stores your raw data for future analysis without re-entry
  • Zero investment or commitment to future purchases

What’s included in the plans?

All Mobile App features

Information recorded:

  • Device
  • Date, time and location
  • Sampling Point
  • Sample Type and treatment
  • Process conditions
  • Incubation
  • Results
  • Operator Comments
Online App Features

REPORTING functions:

  • Automated processing of each result including colony count
  • Editing, review, validation and export of results (pdf & CSV)

ANALYSIS functions:

  • Trend monitoring
  • Alert and action levels
  • Graphical overlay of other results (pH, RLU, …)

PLANT MAPPING functions:

  • Site mapping (equipment, flows and sampling points)
  • 2D display of sampling points with types of microorganisms, trends, etc.
  • 1 user
  • 1 mobile
  • 25 records
  • 3 users
  • 5 mobiles
  • Unlimited records
  • 5 users
  • 10 mobiles
  • Unlimited records
Savings over ordering test kits separately




Microbiology expertise made painless and pen-free

Test-and-forget mobile technology

Our nomad Mobile App allows you to work efficiently without a pen for routine or on-the-fly sampling, recording all relevant information for later analysis in a few clicks, from images of the sample point, to comments and notes in the form of text, images or voice recordings. It even works offline, saving your data until you have a connection, so you can take the sample and stay focused on the task at hand.

Expertise built-in

Our mobile and online applications are based on best practices and methodologies. This saves you time, money and training, while ensuring that your data is reliable.

AI-driven automated colony counting

The online application uses an artificial intelligence system to perform automated colony counts, saving you extra time and effort when calculating micro-organism levels.

Microbial Plant Mapping

You can opt for the PLANT MAP function, and map a facility with its equipment and the flow of people and materials as well as the sampling points. The display of past data on this map helps you to understand the origins of cross-contamination.

nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions compared to alternatives

Compared to external labs

  • No time lost on sample transport
  • Lower cost per test
  • Comparable results
  • Knowledge developed within your organization
  • Automated data management

Compared to ATP testing

  • More adaptable to different types of sample points
  • Richer data and more comprehensive analyses
  • Possible identification of microorganisms
  • Customizable data management

Compared to an internal lab

  • An integrated software suite, without data re-entry
  • Easier to manage for off-site or multi-site sampling
  • No investment needed for additional equipment or extra staf
  • Similar cost per test
  • Comparable results

Compared to other software packages

  • Designed specifically for microbial monitoring and industrial hygiene
  • Already compatible with integrated test devices
  • Lower cost
  • Customizable from the first step

Use cases

A selection of use cases to give you a clearer idea of how our solutions can work for you.

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation

A company whose reputation relies on better than perfect hygiene SaniSped is a company specializing in transporting blood, organs, vaccines, and other medical apparatus, i.e. sterile products.  The products transported by SaniSped absolutely must be sterile at the time of administration. The sterility of a product in its primary packaging…