Monitoring solutions

Custom Microbial Monitoring Programs Online – Quick start-up, no added investment, full autonomy


We view your data history as both a source of information and insurance for the future. You need to start with complete and reliable information, of course, and even better if it is easy to collect, manage and interpret.

Whether you need microbial testing devices for on-site use, an intuitive data management system, or expert help developing a monitoring plan, we have solutions to fit your needs. 

Our systems are designed for the hardworking professional who is looking for improved performance, smooth implementation and low cost of integration. Whichever solution is right for you, it will create valuable information, be simple to use and scale, and require minimal or no investment.

Which nomad Solution is right for you? 

Monitoring Plan Design


You would like to set up a microbial monitoring plan or improve your existing plan. 


The time or expertise needed to accelerate the construction or evolution of your monitoring plan.


  • A method for risk assessment
  • Consulting on the design of your sampling programme
  • Support in implementing your monitoring plan 
  • A third-party discussion of your results history 
  • A quick start with no investment

Data Management Solutions


You already have a monitoring plan managed on paper or spreadsheet or you want to create a monitoring plan that you can manage independently. 


A system to collect, manage and analyse your data easily.


  • Fully digital operation, paperless and pen-free 
  • Complete history of sampling records 
  • Security against common errors 
  • AI-driven automatic colony enumeration
  • Trend analysis 
  • Microbial mapping of your facility 

Microbial Testing


You already have a sampling plan but no test devices that can be used on site and without a laboratory or you want to do your own microbiological controls without a laboratory. 


Testing devices adapted to on-site monitoring of hygiene and the production environment. 


  • Easy-to-use devices
  • Quantitative results
  • Simple on- or off-site testing 
  • Self-contained kits, requiring no additional equipment
  • Versatility
  • Easy-to-store formats 
Easy-to-use quantitative test devices

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are self-contained and simple to use so that anyone in your organisation can easily perform tests anywhere, anytime.

Test-and-forget mobile apps

The nomad Smart Microbiology mobile app collects contextual information from sampling, saves it in a few clicks, and works even when you are offline, storing your data until you are reconnected to a network.

AI-assisted data management

The nomad platform’s advanced features allow you to harness the power of artificial intelligence to perform automated colony counts – a real time-saver and a pain-reliever.

IoT features for paperless operation

nomad IoT dip testers allow you to say goodbye to pens, messy spreadsheets and the high error rate associated with manual data entry and re-entry. Their use allows for automated data collection and management.

Expert support in microbial risk management

Our team is ready to work with you one-on-one to implement a comprehensive microbial risk management system, adapted to your needs and specific to your situation.

What makes nomad solutions different?

Compared to external labs

  • Development of knowledge and skills within your organisation
  • Independent testing – anywhere, anytime, any way
  • Centralized and integrated management of your data
  • Lower cost per test
  • No transport of samples

Compared to your own internal lab

  • Start and stop testing activity whenever you want
  • Autonomy to test both on-site and off-site, without sample transport
  • Paperless and pen-free testing and analysis on a single platform
  • No investment in specialised equipment, facilities and personnel
  • Comparable quantitative results

Compared to rapid hygiene tests

  • Better adapted to risk management and prevention, due to being both quantitative and qualitative
  • Sensitive testing method
  • Ability to find the identity and likely origin of micro-organisms
  • No dedicated equipment necessary


nomad solutions are based on best practices and techniques in industrial microbiology, which are applicable to a variety of sectors and applications.


Our solutions are aimed at all sectors where microbial growth can lead to degradation or contamination of products or equipment.

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Water Treatment

Ground wells, storage tanks, point-of-use equipment, water purification systems and water quality from processed to ultra-pure waters

Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Facilities

Contamination prevention measures analysis, hygiene monitoring procedures in processing and logistics, high-risk surfaces, personnel training and awareness.

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Clean Supply Chain

Transport containers and vehicles, staff training and awareness.

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Machinery & Equipment

Equipment preventive and curative maintenance, filling equipment, heat exchangers, connections, points-of-use.


nomad solutions are designed for applications that require on-site or multi-site monitoring of operations.

Process and Hygiene Management

Cleaning and CIP methods verification, HACCP implementation, monitoring of in-process materials

Environmental Monitoring & Assessment

Risks associated with air, surfaces and personnel, identification of hot-spots and cross-contaminations

How nomad works for
microbial risk management

nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Work directly with us

One of our experts will help you establish your risk factors and design an organised sampling plan for process control, a survey campaign or an investigation. When the sampling programme is carried out, you will have a history of environmental and hygiene data on which to build knowledge for the long term.

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Order an easy-to-use liquid or surface testing kit for your application

Our all-in-one nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits include the sample collection container, filter and culture medium you need to get reliable results without additional equipment. Choose from HPC, yeast and mould, and coliform testers in liquid or swab (surface) format, and in standard or IoT models. These kits can be ordered separately from other packages and plans.

Download the nomad Mobile App and start testing

Download the nomad Mobile App and start testing

Thanks to our mobile technology, collecting and recording information about the context of the sampling is done in a few clicks, and you can start building your data history immediately. Our secure application even works offline, storing your data until it can be downloaded.

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Analyse your data with smart, automated tools

Upload your bacteria images, compare your samples with our ever-expanding library, and identify the different types of microorganisms you find while understanding how they may impact your process. AI-powered automatic colony counting reduces errors while speeding up your analysis.

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Track data trends to prevent microbial contaminations

All raw data from your tests is stored and available to power detailed trend analysis and interactive graphs to track progress over time.

Alert levels are automatically calculated and triggered, drawing your attention to risks as they arise. Customised alert levels can be set according to your specific risks.