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Our solutions

Custom Microbial Monitoring Programs Online – Quick start-up, no added investment, full autonomy


We see your data history as both a supply of information and insurance for the future. You need to start with good data, of course, and better yet if it’s easy to collect, manage and interpret.  

Whether you are missing reliable microbial testing devices, an intuitive data management system, or expert support in building a monitoring plan, we have solutions tailored to your needs. 

Our systems are designed for busy professionals who are aiming for high levels of performance, non-disruptive implementation, and low cost of integration. Whichever of our solutions is best for you, it will create rich information, will be simple to use and adaptable, and come at minimal or even no investment. 

Which of BioMire’s nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are right for you? 

Microbial Testing


You already have a monitoring plan and/or data management system in place.


A microbial testing device suitable for your application.


  • Simple-to-use 
  • Quantitative data
  • On-site or off-site testing 
  • Autonomous operation, without a lab or additional equipment 
  • Versatile applications 
  • Easy to store

Risk Management


You already have a monitoring plan in place, or   
You are a self-starter who wants to create a monitoring plan.


A system to collect, manage and analyze your data. 


  • Pen-free operation 
  • Complete history of sampling records 
  • Security against common errors 
  • AI-driven automatic colony count 
  • Result validation assistance  
  • Trend Analysis 
  • Comparison between measures 
  • Plant Mapping 
nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions,
then nomad On-Site Test Kits

Monitoring Plan


You want an expert to work with as you set up a monitoring plan or optimize your existing plan.


A way to jump start the development of your risk management capabilities. 


  • A third party method for risk assessment of your operations 
  • Advice on designing your sampling plan 
  • Support implementing your monitoring plan 
  • A discussion post-analysis on your data history  
  • Quick start 
  • Low investment and no commitment 

Easy-to-use quantitative test devices

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are intuitive and include everything you need so that anyone in your organization can easily perform testing

Test-and-forget mobile apps

The nomad Mobile App makes trace and record as easy as a few clicks, and even works while you’re offline, storing your data until you are reconnected to a network.

Lab-accurate results

Our devices are based on the membrane-filtration (MF) technique, a referenced technique used in culture methods, and have been shown by external evaluators to provide results equivalent to those obtained in standard labs

AI-assisted data management

Advanced features of the nomad platform allow you to harness the power of artificial intelligence to run automated colony counts—a real time saver and pain reliever.

IoT features for paperless operation

nomad IoT Dip Testers allow you to say goodbye to pens, messy spreadsheets, and the high rate of error from manually recording data. These microbial testing devices feature automated data collection and organization.

Expert support in microbial risk management

Our team is ready to work with you one-on-one to set up a comprehensive microbial risk management system, configured to your needs and specific to your situation.

What makes nomad solutions different?

Compared to convenient external labs

  • Knowledge and awareness developed within your organisation
  • Testing independence—anywhere, anytime
  • Integrated data management
  • Lower cost per test
  • No struggles with sample transport

Compared to your own internal lab

  • Start and stop test activity when you want
  • Autonomy to test both On-site and Off-site
  • Paperless, pen-free testing and analysis on a single platform
  • No investment in dedicated equipment, facility and personnel
  • Comparable quantitative results

Compared to rapid hygiene tests

  • Better-suited for risk management and prevention
  • Access to microbiology services
  • More quantitative & sensitive testing method
  • Access to microorganism identity and probable origin
  • No dedicated equipment

Our solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Solutions offer a range of options, from simple tests to full-fledged service packages. 

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nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are lab-accurate while remaining easy to store and simple to use. Standard and IoT testers are available for HPC, Yeast & Mold, or Coliform testing, with formats for liquids and for surfaces.

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nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions give you access to our fully integrated mobile and desktop platforms for Test-and-Forget sampling, AI-powered automatic colony counting, automated trend monitoring and more. Available plans start with an effective and free-to-use option, and can be upgraded for multiple users & sites, additional features, and advanced customization options.

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nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services

nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services are available to help you design and implement a comprehensive microbial risk management system suited to your needs. Our experts will work with you one-on-one, helping you assess your risks and plan against them. nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services give you the peace of mind of knowing a comprehensive solution is in place.

nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are adapted for a wide variety of industries and applications

From portable and intuitive testing devices to smart data management and expert consulting, nomad Smart Microbial Solutions help you put in place a custom microbial risk management strategy suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications. 


nomad Solutions are applicable in any industry where microbial growth can lead to spoilage or contamination.

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Water Treatment

Ground wells, storage tanks, point-of-use equipment, connections, purification systems.

Healthcare Facilities

Contamination prevention measures analysis, hygiene monitoring procedures, high-risk surfaces, personnel training and awareness.

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Clean Supply Chain

Sanitary product and food contact surfaces, staff training and awareness.

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Machinery & Equipment

Equipment maintenance, filling heads, heat exchangers, connections, points-of-use.


nomad Solutions fit any applications that require effective hygiene to manage microbial risk

Process and Hygiene Management

Cleaning and CIP methods verification, HACCP, staff awareness and training

Quality Assurance

Raw materials testing, finished product and packaging testing

How nomad works for
microbial risk management

nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Work directly with a microbial monitoring expert

One of our experts from BioMire will analyse your risk factors and help you design a microbial monitoring plan, so you can have a first environmental and hygiene data set and start building your data history

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Order an easy-to-use Microbial Test Kit suited to your application

Our all-in-one nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits include the container, filter, and culture media you need for reliable results with no additional equipment. Select from HPC, Yeast and Mold, and Coliform testers, either in liquid of swab (surface) formats, and in standard or IoT models. Our On-Site Microbial Test Kits are available to be ordered separately from other packages and plans.

Download the nomad Mobile App and start testing

Download the nomad Mobile App and start testing

With our mobile technology, trace and record is as simple as a few clicks, and you can start building your data history right away. Our secure app even works offline, storing your data until it can be uploaded.

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Analyze data with automated Smart tools

Upload your bacteria images, compare your samples with our always-expanding library, and identify the different types of microorganisms you find while understanding how they can impact your process. AI-powered automated colony counting reduces error while speeding up your analysis.

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Track data trends to prevent microbial contaminations

All raw data from your tests are stored and available, feeding
detailed trend analysis and interactive charts tracking changes over time.

Alert levels are automatically calculated and triggered, calling your attention to risks as they arise. Custom alerts can be set according to your specific process risks.