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Easy Microbial Monitoring for Brewers

Know a brewer and you know that cleaning is the lion’s share of the job. It doesn’t matter if you’re a one-man craft brewery or a multi-site producer, hygiene management is a critical part of your process.

A good cleaning-in-place system (CIP System) will help, but even the good practice of letting equipment dry can risk microbial recontamination. Meanwhile, if customers notice even small variations in product quality, it can take a toll on your reputation.  

Managing every risk can be daunting, but many brewers are so close to what is happening that observations and intuition lead you naturally to the vulnerabilities. We offer scalable solutions to help you turn your intuition into certainty.

Benefits for beer quality control

Want to verify your equipment and lines are clean before introducing the wort, or checking your bottling equipment is sanitary? nomad Smart Microbial Solutions can help ensure consistent quality in your product and peace of mind for your reputation.

Portable, efficient test devices

nomad On-Site Microbial Test kits fit in your pocket, letting you test on the brewery floor, where it matters most, in just minutes and with minimal effort.

Intuitive, Smart apps

With nomad apps, data management can be as easy as scanning a QR Code. Automatic colony counting, custom alert levels setting, and more smart features make it simple to gain insight.

Personalized support

Microbiology monitoring experts to help you set up and implement the monitoring plan that you want, adapted to the way you brew.

Microbiology concerns in breweries


  • Microbial risks: Pseudomonas, Enterobacterium, Cladosporidium…
  • Manifestation: Biofilm formation
  • Solution: Design & maintenance of water treatment system,
    short storage, low or high temperature storage


  • Microbial risks: Water flora, equipment and environment:
    Lactic acid bacteria, enterobaceriaceae, Gluconobacter
  • Manifestation: Production of acetaldehydes, diacetyl…
  • Solution: Maintenance, CIP

Heat Exchanger

  • Microbial risks: Enterobacteria, Lactobacilli, Pediococci, Yeast
  • Manifestation: Unpleasant flavours, inhibition of Saccharomyces
  • Solution: CIP – rapid fermentation after cooling


  • Microbial risks: Hop resistant Lactobacilli, Paediococcus, acetic acid bacteria, zymomonas (if added sugar)
  • Manifestation: Acidification, cloudiness, unpleasant aroma
  • Solution: CIP, limited exposure to environment and oxygen


  • Microbial risks: Flora described above, biofilm formation
  • Manifestation: Reduced microbial stability
  • Solution: CIP, pasteurisation


  • Microbial risks: Fusarium, Lactobacillus…
  • Manifestation: Mycotoxins inhibit yeast, flocculation, over-foaming…
  • Solution: Store dry and at low temperature

Transport and storage

  • Microbial risks: Pectinatus spp, Megasphaera
  • Manifestation: Cloudiness, bad taste
  • Solution: Limit duration, temperature, light and turbulence


  • Microbial risks: Diastaticus, brettanomyces…
  • Manifestation: Taste alteration, over-foaming…
  • Solution: Design Eqt., CIP


  • Microbial risks: Acetic bacteria, Lactobacilli, Pediococci…
  • Manifestation: Mist, bad taste
  • Solution: Clean taps, proper maintenance

Learn how BioMire can help you avoid spoilage

Partnering with independent brewers

We are proud partners of the SNBI, the French National Syndicate of Independent Breweries, representing 1800 independent breweries in France. Because our solutions are scalable, we are here to help you protect the quality of your beer, whether you are a microbrewery or a larger operation. 

Our solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Solutions offer a range of options, from simple tests to full-fledged service packages. 

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nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are lab-accurate while remaining easy to store and simple to use. Standard and IoT testers are available for HPC, Yeast & Mold, or Coliform testing, with formats for liquids and for surfaces.

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nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions give you access to our fully integrated mobile and desktop platforms for Test-and-Forget sampling, AI-powered automatic colony counting, automated trend monitoring and more. Available plans start with an effective and free-to-use option, and can be upgraded for multiple users & sites, additional features, and advanced customization options.

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nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services

nomad Total Service Packs offer one-on-one support in setting up your microbial risk management system and performing a comprehensive risk analysis. Our Total Service Packs can be bundled with Test Kits and upgraded access plans at a discount.

Use cases

To help you decide how nomad Smart Microbial Solutions can work best for you, look at a selection of Use Cases.

Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public - Beer taps - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Food industry – Testing beverage dispensers in public – Beer taps

When a brewer’s reputation also depends on a bar’s cleanliness Best Draft (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) beers are served in a wide number of taprooms, pubs, restaurants, hotel bars. As a brewer who has built a reputation for great tasting beer, Best Draft goes to great…
Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery

Dealing with contamination doubts before taking on new customers Mike O’Brew (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) is a successful microbrewery where all employees know how essential hygiene is to beer quality and spend a large proportion of their time cleaning and looking out for anything suspicious.  Batches…