Contamination Diagnostic Pack for Craft Breweries

For troubleshooting a sporadic or recurrent contamination

A simple, complete and turnkey solution to implement a microbial contamination monitoring plan in breweries, with on-site testing devices, mobile applications and a personalised consulting service


Intended for breweries which want to locate the source of recurrent or sporadic contaminations, correct their practices and verify that the correction is stable, which need a sampling plan, test devices and assistance with analysing results.

The Craft Brewery Contamination Diagnostic Pack includes:

  • A 2-10 week support service in 3 phases:
Test campaign design
Test campaign(s) & Interim milestones
Check corrective action stability

  • A sampling plan tailored to the specific troubleshooting needs
  • Support in managing your account and sampling techniques
  • 50* easy-to-use stand-alone nomad IoT Test Kits for liquids and surfaces
  • Access to the nomad Smart Microbiology Mobile Apps for recording samples and results
  • LET’S GO subscription to online services including automated colony counting, automated analysis of results to establish trends and alert levels
  • 4 call hours with one of our experts to design the sampling plan and analyse campaign results
  • A personal interview to analyse your results together


  • Easy to perform sampling and testing, without equipment, on-site under production conditions, on-the-fly
  • Quantitative results of total microorganism enumeration comparable to those obtained in a laboratory
  • User guidelines, recording and processing of results by Applications, paperless and pen-free
  • Scope of application: hygiene & production environment, production control, contamination risk detection

Price: approx. 1 250€ excluding tax

* exceptionaly additional test kits may be necessary and are supplied at a preferred price

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Automatically Build Your Valuable Data History

A data history is a valuable tool for controlling an industrial production process because it allows:

Trend Analysis

The data history allows you to analyse results over a given period of time and to detect trends and fluctuations associated with, for example, seasonal variations or equipment wear.

Continuous improvement

It allows the establishment of specifications and/or alert levels. Using the data from past tests, it is possible to determine reference values for expected results, as well as standard deviations, control limits, or warning thresholds if they are exceeded. This allows for early detection of anomalies and appropriate corrective action to avoid more serious problems.

Informed decision making

Finally, it provides a database on which decisions can be made. With it, you can make informed decisions based on hard data rather than conjecture or guesswork. This can help improve the quality of decisions and avoid costly mistakes.

The analysis of results over time to observe trends at critical points is facilitated by the ANALYSIS functionality available with the ADVANCED subscription
  • Detection of deviations
  • Alert levels
  • Informed decision making
The spatial analysis of test results to search for origins of cross-contamination is facilitated by the PROTOCOLS functionality available with the ADVANCED subscription
  • Cross-contamination detection
  • Informed decision making on equipment placement

Flexible Offers Tailored to Your Needs

From on-site testing to sampling plan design and trend analysis, nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are created with your specific needs in mind.

Monitoring Plan Design


You want to set up a sampling plan or optimise your existing one.  


The expertise to speed up the development and improvement of your monitoring plan.


  • A method for risk assessment
  • Advice on the design of your sampling plan
  • Support in implementing your monitoring plan
  • A post-analysis discussion of your data history
  • A quick start with no investment 

Data Management solutions


You already have a monitoring plan managed on paper and spreadsheets or you want to create a monitoring plan that you can manage on your own.


A system to easily collect, manage and analyse your data.


  • Fully digital, paperless and pen-free operation
  • Complete history of sampling data
  • Security against common errors
  • Automatic AI-driven colony counting
  • Trend analysis
  • Microbial site mapping

Microbial Testing


You already have a monitoring plan but not all the on-site devices you want or you want to do your own microbiological monitoring. 


Testing devices suitable for on-site monitoring of hygiene and the production environment. 


  • Simple-to-use  
  • Quantitative 
  • For on-site or off-site testing 
  • Self-contained, without additional equipment  
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to store