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Microbial monitoring programs made quick and accessible

A single integrated platform, from sampling to online trend analysis, with paperless, pen-free operation limiting error, intuitive enough to minimize training and apprehension, ready to go fast.

See the invisible and manage the threat microorganisms may represent to you

Transform your doubts into fulfilled curiosity and insight, from troubleshooting problems to prevention of contamination and spoilage, while gathering facts over time to protect your process in the future.

Let the staff closest to your operations measure, understand and get involved

Act when the right moment presents itself to gain the most insightful information, sharing feed-back to keep everyone involved, building knowledge within your team while managing risks where it matters.

Smart Microbial Solutions

Whatever we do or make, an active microbial environment is present and developing all around us. This invisible ecosystem can represent risks, which we may know about or just suspect. Microbial monitoring is an indispensable part of safeguarding our production and reputation.

At BioMire, our experience has taught us the value of information for the control and prevention of microbial contaminations that lead to spoilage, safety and process performance issues.

We see microbial risk management as a complex discipline at the intersection of process management, microbiology and Quality Assurance, which creates challenges for any company, whatever their expertise.

We developed the nomad system to remove the complexity from those challenges.

Taking advantage of the powerful technologies available today, we develop ways of providing richer, more plentiful and easier-to-access information on dynamic microbial ecosystems which are specific to industry, process, application and environmental context.

Our microbial risk management solutions provide lab-accurate results at a fraction of the time and effort, which we help you integrate seamlessly into a smart and powerful monitoring platform, transforming your raw data into meaningful insights for the future.

Easy-to-use quantitative test devices
Test-and-forget mobile apps
AI-assisted data management
Comprehensive microbial risk support

The high stakes of microbial contamination

Microorganisms can pass undetected to the eye, multiply rapidly and adapt to their environments, surprising even the most seasoned professionals. Meanwhile, prevention measures are often costly, time-consuming, and restrictive, producing mixed results and increasing regulatory pressure on your company. Unchecked microbial growth, however, could jeopardize your operation. Spoilage and contaminations can lead to lost production, damaged consumer confidence, weakened competitivity, increased regulatory burdens and losses to revenue and investment, even if you have never had a problem before.  

We understand what’s at stake, as well as the difficulty and complexity of implementing an effective microbial monitoring program. We are here to help you put in place an intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive microbial risk management system, without the hassle and cost of traditional labs. nomad Smart Microbial Solutions save you the time and energy you need to focus on your job today, while offering you peace of mind that you are building a data history for tomorrow.  

Intuitive and flexible solutions for your needs

From designing your microbial risk management system to swabbing for test results you can trust,
nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are created with your needs in mind. 

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nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits

nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits are easy-to-use and offer fast, reliable results, with accuracy proven to be comparable to reference methods for traditional lab testing. Each kit is complete with everything you need to test your environment, and comes in standard or IoT models, ready to be integrated into your microbial risk management system. nomad On-Site Microbial Test Kits put efficient, trustworthy results into your hands.

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nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions give you access to our integrated smart management platform, available on mobile and desktop devices. With our secure platform, you can build your data history with ease, while making use of advanced features such as detailed trend analyses, custom alert levels, AI-driven automatic colony counts, and plant mapping. nomad Smart Microbial Monitoring Solutions turn your data into insights.

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nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services

nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services are available to help you design and implement a comprehensive microbial risk management system suited to your needs. Our experts will work with you one-on-one, helping you assess your risks and plan against them. nomad Quick-Start Microbiology Services give you the peace of mind of knowing a comprehensive solution is in place.

What makes BioMire unique?

We focus on problem solving

  • Intiutive risk management tools and services
  • Converting testing costs into valuable insights

We facilitate access to actionable information

  • Only Simple-to-use and versatile tools!
  • Online technical expert services

We put customers first

  • An approach developed from decades of experience
  • Customized and collaborative solutions

nomad Smart Microbial Solutions are adapted for a wide variety of industries and applications

From portable and intuitive testing devices to smart data management and expert consulting, nomad Smart Microbial Solutions help you put in place a custom microbial risk management strategy suitable for a wide variety of industries and applications. 


nomad Solutions are applicable in any industry where microbial growth can lead to spoilage or contamination.

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Water Treatment

Ground wells, storage tanks, point-of-use equipment, connections, purification systems.

Healthcare Facilities

Contamination prevention measures analysis, hygiene monitoring procedures, high-risk surfaces, personnel training and awareness.

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Clean Supply Chain

Sanitary product and food contact surfaces, staff training and awareness.

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Machinery & Equipment

Equipment maintenance, filling heads, heat exchangers, connections, points-of-use.


nomad Solutions fit any applications that require effective hygiene to manage microbial risk

Process and Hygiene Management

Cleaning and CIP methods verification, HACCP, staff awareness and training

Quality Assurance

Raw materials testing, finished product and packaging testing

Use Cases

To help you decide how nomad Smart Microbial Solutions can work best for you, look at a selection of Use Cases. 

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Environmental monitoring in Blood and Transplant Organ Transportation

A company whose reputation relies on better than perfect hygiene SaniSped is a company specializing in transporting blood, organs, vaccines, and other medical apparatus, i.e. sterile products.  The products transported by SaniSped absolutely must be sterile at the time of administration. The sterility of a product in its primary packaging…
Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids) - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Microbial testing of water-soluble latex paints (and other viscous liquids)

A major European paint producer with a reputation to protect Paintex (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) manufactures paints for a variety of dealers throughout Europe. While it may surprise the layperson, microorganisms can grow and multiply in paint, degrading its quality. The literature suggests that major groups…
Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery - BioMire, Smarter Microbiology

Preliminary environmental investigation in a brewery

Dealing with contamination doubts before taking on new customers Mike O’Brew (name changed for the confidentiality of the business) is a successful microbrewery where all employees know how essential hygiene is to beer quality and spend a large proportion of their time cleaning and looking out for anything suspicious.  Batches…
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Troubleshooting a Water Purification and Distribution System

A complex water purification system set to spec for custom products In this case, we are looking at an incident at ProTek (name changed for the confidentiality of the business), a Biotech CRO company which produces a diverse range of small production batches set to customer specifications. To fulfill orders,…


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